Sunday, 22 December 2013

Favourite Eye Brushes

Favourite Eye Makeup Brushes Real Techniques Models Own No7 Barry M
Real Techniques Accent Brush, Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush, Models Own Crease Brush, Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, Real Techniques Brow Brush, No7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brush and Barry M Eyeshadow Brush

A few days ago I posted about my favourite face brushes, and today I'm going to share my picks for applying eye make-up.  I have quite a few eye brushes in my stash, but these six are my most used and most loved.  Again, there's quite a few Real Techniques choices, but there are a few more brands thrown into this post.

To apply a base colour I like to choose quite a fluffy brush to pack colour onto my lid evenly and blend it at the same time.  For this job I usually use either the RT Base Shadow Brush from the Starter Set or the No7 Blend and Contour Brush.  There are both really soft and fluffy, making it quick and easy to sweep colour onto my lids without any hassle.  To define the crease I use a smaller fluffy brush: Barry M's eyeshadow brush.  I've had this for absolute years and it was probably super cheap, but it's still in perfect condition and does a good job of applying a darker colour into the contour of my lid and blending it out to soften the contrast of colours.

If I'm popping a hint of colour below my lower lash line, I always react for the Real Techniques Accent brush, again from the Starter Set.  It's flattened shape makes it perfect for adding a little colour below my eye for a smokey look without making me look like I haven't got much sleep the night before.  For eye liner, the RT Fine Liner brush is the one for me - soft and very thin hairs make it easy to draw a thin, even line across my upper lash line, and can even be used to apply gel liners to my tight- and water-line.

When defining my eyebrows, I often brush a hint of eye shadow through the hairs for a soft yet defined look.   The RT Starter Set contains a Brow Brush which does the job perfectly.  The hairs are dense and pretty stiff, giving you plenty of control over how much colour is applied, and where.  To highlight my brow bone (and sometimes my cupids bow) I use another old, cheap brush - Models Own Crease brush, please excuse the sorry state of the handle.  The tapered end gives you plenty of control making sure I only add a hint of shimmer and don't end up looking like an Edward Cullen look-alike.

What brushes do you use to do your eye make-up? Do you use high street options too, or are you a high-end girl?


  1. Great picks! I really want to buy the Real Techniques eye brushes as I have all of the others and love them dearly! With other brands I am always worried they are going to moult x

    1. i've never experienced shedding with any of my RT brushes - i love them! x