Friday, 20 December 2013

Favourite Face Brushes

Favourite face makeup brushes real techniques lauren luke beauty
(L-R) Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Duo Fibre Powder Brush, Lauren Luke Flat Contour Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Real Techniques Deluxe Contour Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Since getting into make-up a good few years ago, I've built up quite a collection of make-up brushes.  I actually use every brush I have, and when I wash them I usually end up giving every single one a good scrub, but of course I have my favourites.  I've split this up into two separate posts - firstly I'll be talking about my favourite face brushes, and later in the week I'll be posting about my favourite eye brushes.  As you can see, I love Real Techniques brushes.  For me, the quality is perfect, they're easy to get hold of and they're affordable.  There are a few other brands thrown in, but my collection is made up of mostly RT.  I don't have any high-end make-up brushes.  Although I'm lusting after a few, until now my high-street options have served me perfectly.

To create a flawless base I use two brushes: For foundation, it has to be the Expert Face brush, especially when paired with my go-to Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.  The dense, soft hairs are perfect for creating a flawless base with liquid foundation.  For mineral powders, I would go for the Buffing Brush, but I rarely wear them during the winter months.  To conceal blemishes I don't go for a traditional concealer brush.  The Real Techniques Deluxe Contour Brush is created for defining the crease of your eyelid, but I find it acts as a miniature buffing brush for hiding any imperfections.  A powder is necessary to set my base and banish shine - the RT Powder Brush is large and fluffy to lightly dust pressed or loose powder over my face without leaving a cakey or overly dry finish.

Adding a bit of colour and shape uses another two brushes: I contour my cheekbones and temples using the Lauren Luke Flat-Topped Contour brush.  Although I have experienced a bit of shedding when washing this brush, no other brushes come close to the finish it gives.  I'm tempted to buy a similar high-end brush to eliminate the shedding and mis-shapening (I'm looking at you MAC 109 or Sigma F05 - any recommendations welcome!), but for now this gets the job done.  The Real Techniques Blush Brush lightly adds a bit of colour to the apples of my cheeks without packing on too much colour.  Lastly, to blur any harsh lines I brush over my face with the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Powder brush.  This does a fab job of making sure any unblended pigment looks more natural and 'finishes off' my face.

What face brushes do you use on a daily basis - I'd love to hear your recommendations! Keep an eye out for my favourite eye brushes post over the next few days.


  1. I absolutely love all of my Real Techniques Brushes! I actually have 2 posts exactly like this coming in the new year, but a great majority of my brushes are the exact same - I have yet to try Sigma brushes though! x

  2. Ooh I really want to try some of the Real Techniques brushes, I always hear nothing but amazing things about them. I have my eye on the blush brush in particular I think!

    Jennie xo |

    1. definitely recommend it - i use it every day! x

  3. Real Technique brushes are the ones for me! x