Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Tenth Hole Southsea

Rob and I are suckers for a slice of cake, and one weekend in September while we walked around Southsea in the sun we came across the Tenth Hole cafe, popped in for a drink and came out a few stone heavier!  The cafe itself is sat between a cricket ground and a mini-golf course (hence the name) and I love how it's decorated! The walls are covered in hand-written quotes and paragraphs, the furniture is up-cycled and colourful and I adore the wooden floors.  

Although they do pretty delicious sandwiches (the pulled pork bun is to die for), nothing beats their cake selection.  They're all kept in a glass display case and change every day.  There's such a huge selection from victoria sponge to mars bar cheesecake to aero brownies to pavlova.  They are so delicious and the slices are huge!

I've become a bit of a sucker for the Victoria Sponge - look at the size on that chunk! We've been back a few times now, and every thing we have there is delicious.  Although it isn't a bargain, everything is reasonably priced and the service is amazing - I don't have anything bad to say! I love it there.

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