Monday 7 December 2015

A MAC Base

MAC base foundation powder coverage review

Although I've been a bit of a make-up addict for a good few years, and I've tried my fair few base products (read my All About That Base post here), until now I had tried very little from MAC.  Apart from a concealer and MSFN, I was a bit of a newbie so armed with a discount code, I popped the MAC Matchmaster Foundation and the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in my basket.

Mac foundation base powder coverage

I did quite a bit of research before making my order; since I have seriously oily skin, I'm pretty fussy with my foundation and powder.  I want something light-medium coverage which is long lasting and helps combat the dreaded shiny face.

The Matchmaster foundation claims to use new technology which allows a personalized finish influences by the skin's undertone.  MAC says this foundation has a demi-matte finish, SPF 15 and medium coverage.

The Studio Fix powder is designed to combine good coverage with a velvet matte finish.  It absorbs oils on the skin and provides a smooth, less reflective finish while still allowing the skin to breathe.

mac foundation base matchmaster

The Matchmaster foundation applies smoothly with a medium coverage.  It's easy to build and dries to a slightly glowy-but-not-shiny finish.  I want to be able to carry on saying positive things about this foundation, but I just can't.  In less than two hours, my face was a shiny oxidised mess.  It transfers easily and any slight touch of my face moves the product around.  After six hours, it's practically non-exisitent.  I've tried every way to prime, apply and set this but it just doesn't work for me, especially when I work such long days and I need my makeup to stick around for a while.

mac studio fix base powder foundation coverage mattifying velvet matte

MAC Studio Fix powder foundation is a lot more impressive.  I use this as a setting powder and MAC's claim of a velvety finish is the perfect description - my skin looks smooth and matte without looking flat.  It also adds the perfect amount of coverage for last-step blemish coverage and it's wonderful for top-ups throughout the day (especially when any makeup on my chin seems to disappear by lunchtime).  Admittedly I have used powders which are more effective mattifiers (MAC Blot and Soap and Glory On Heck of A Blot are my favourites), but the added bonus of coverage means I can't stop reaching for Studio Fix in the mornings.

Although Matchmaster was pretty disappointing, Studio Fix has really impressed me, I can't believe it took me this long it try it!


  1. I used the mac studio fix powder a while ago i love it! have really oily skin as well and use tea tree products as a base then armani luminious silk foundation on top, works well :) xo

    1. Ooh thanks for the recommendation, I haven't tried luminous silk!

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