Thursday, 14 August 2014

Long Distance Relationships

Although he's popped up on this blog a couple of times, I'd better introduce you properly - the handsome one in the photos above is my boyfriend, Rob.  We've known each other since September 2009 when we both started college - I walked into my Biology class of people I'd never seen before, plonked myself down on an empty seat which happened to be next to Rob, and we've spoken almost every day since.  Although we were very close and always had a 'thing', we didn't begin our relationship until August 2012 which was probably the worst timing ever; in Septemer Rob began his degree in a university three hours away from mine.  We've spent the majority of the last two years in a long distance relationship and although we're really happy, it definitely hasn't been the easiest thing in the world.  Over the last two years we've found a couple of ways to make the distance easier which will hopefully be helpful for any of you who are a long way from your other half.

  • be certain - long distance relationships aren't easy so make sure you're certain the relationship is right for you, makes you happy and is worth any upset
  • make the most of your time together - Rob and I found that making plans for the time we spend together made sure the time we spent together wasn't wasted and we made sure we made happy memories together when we could
  • collect souvenirs - linking to making memories, Rob and I spend our time together taking photos, collecting tickets and trinkets and popping them all in our scrapbook.  It's pretty time consuming but so worth it to look back over when we're apart and they'll definitely be something we keep for the future
  • talk - every single day of our relationship Rob and I have spoken somehow, we text, instant message, phone and skype eachother all the time.  Communication is key in all relationships, but it's even more vital when you're apart.  Rather than bottling everything up before eventually exploding in an argument, it's much better to talk everything through calmly
  • send photos - we use WhatsApp to send each other little pictures of what we're doing when we're apart to include each other in our lives even when we're miles apart
  • treat each other - as often as we can, Rob and I treat each other whatever way we can, sometimes it's as little as him bringing me a slush puppy on a warm day, sometimes they're much bigger (my favourite was him travelling all the way home on the train to surprise me and whisk me straight out on a date night without me suspecting a thing)
  • trust each other - this is kind of an essential for all relationships, honesty and loyalty are absolutely key in my eyes
  • keep busy while you're apart - finding a hobby definitely helps pass the time while you're apart, and I think it's good for you to have some things for yourself (this is the whole reason this blog started, and Rob loses himself in CrossFit)
  • be understanding - it's more than likely that at some point one of you will need to concentrate on work or studying and may not have as much time to chat, so be patient and understanding because it won't last forever and you're other half will really appreciate it
What made it a lot easier for us was knowing there was an end point - I graduated in July and luckily I found my dream job near Rob's university, so we're moving in together! We've found a cute little flat and we move in at the end of August.  The best news I have for you is that it does get easier; by the end of our two years apart goodbyes weren't anywhere near as difficult, our time apart flew by, and we were enjoying making the most of the times we did see each other - but I am over the moon that it's over... WE DID IT!


  1. I was in a long-distance relationship for about a year with someone who was in the US, so obviously visiting was out of the question, but I completely agree with your tips; sending photos (especially with Snapchat being so big right now) and sending each other mini care packages once in a while really makes you feel like you're still a big part of each others' lives, and it's so important.

    I'm so pleased for you both that you've made it through the distance, though, and how exciting that you're moving in together, wishing you all the luck with that and your new job, babe xx

    francesca | on-thebias | fashion, beauty, lifestyle

    1. What a lovely comment, thank you so much! xx

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  3. I had this too, my boyfriend went to uni i was 4 hours away then we got a year together at uni then he was on placement for a year. We savoured the weekends and i think it helped us grow stronger and made things that little bit more special. We've just about done 4 years next week and to think I met him at 16 in Malia !

    Congrats on moving in together! Good luck and with your job too! xx

    1. you're definitely right - I felt like long distance strengthened my relationship too. Thank you :)! x

  4. Awh, great post! Me and my boyfriend went to school, college and university together so luckily we've never had to be long distance, honestly I don't think I'd cope well with it, haha. It's so great you two survived it all and are ready to move in together, good luck with everything!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Ah I'm jealous - we survived long distance, but I'd much rather have been together! Thank you lovely x