Thursday, 9 April 2015

Meat and Barrel

With a boyfriend who's a sucker for a burger and ale how could we not try this place?  It's relatively new to Southsea and every time we walk past and glance through the window he gets sucked in by the huge amount of ale pumps lined up across the bar.  We popped in a few weeks ago to grab a few drinks and a burger and I can sum up our visit in one word - YUM.

We ordered a burger each with a side of chips and barbecue ribs to share and it was delicious.  Everything was served in cardboard boxes with paper napkins which was different to most places down here - it was refreshing to try somewhere unusual.  I felt like such a lad with my pint and my burger, but it's definitely one of the best burgers I've ever eaten - so delicious.  It's such a nice place to just sit and spend time; it has a really good relaxed atmosphere and everyone seems chatty and friendly.  We both really enjoyed the food, drinks and atmosphere, we will definitely be regulars here!

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