Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sleeping with my Boyfriend

After Rob showed me this video on YouTube I've been noticing more things about sleeping next to him.  For two years while we were living two hours apart I guess I didn't notice when we did get a chance to sleep in the same bed, but since moving in together it is a lot more obvious!  This is what I've discovered since September.

  • sleeping all cuddled together is cricked-neck central
  • we are never the same temperature. ever.
  • his arms get heavy when he sleeps
  • people who twitch while they fall asleep could be used as a lethal weapon
  • I hate being breathed on while I sleep - it tickles!
  • toenails are basically claws
  • double beds don't actually have enough room for two people
Basically, star-fishing in the middle of a massive bed sounds like a dream come true.  Although he's a massive pain in the ass in bed, I love living with him, and nothing beats his cheeky grin and a cuddle in the morning (feel free to vom).


  1. Haha this is so funny and true! Two double beds squeezed together would definitely be a dream come true for a lot of couples :P