Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer Reads

Since I was really young I've been a bit of a book worm, especially on holiday.  Relaxing by the pool in the sunshine I've been known to complete 13 books in 14 days!  Since my lovely parents gave me a Kindle for my birthday last year, I've really got back into reading - there's nothing nicer than escaping from a busy train in a good story, or cuddling up in bed with an exciting plot.  After reading an endless stream of books I've picked a few really good summer reads from a range of genres that I definitely recommend.  If your jetting of somewhere sunny, or having a relaxing summer at home here's a few books to keep you entertained.

Melissa Hill - The Charm Bracelet
If you love a romantic book but are sick of the typical broken-hearted-girl, boy-meets-girl, happily-ever-after story line, this is definitely one for you.  A charm bracelet is found in the pocket of a charity donation, and each charm tells part of a story leading Holly's path through New York to the bracelets owner. The book was really easy to read, enjoyable and there's a little twist towards the end.  Both my mum and I enjoyed it, proving it suits all ages and although it's set at Christmas time, I read it last summer and loved every page.

Nicholas Sparks - The Notebook
After watching the beautiful yet heart-breaking film, I just had to read the book.  As expected, the book is even more beautiful, and even more heart breaking.  The story line is very similar to the plot of the film, but as always - the book is better.  This isn't too long so is perfect for a shorter break away and is such an adorable story. Be warned - I cried.  A lot.

Anna Bell - Don't Tell The Groom
For no reason other than chance, I rarely read funny books.  There always seems to be a tragedy slipped into every story I read, but Don't Tell The Groom made me laugh out loud.  A humorous, bubbly, light read that is perfect chic-lit for a girly holiday.

Katie Piper - Beautiful
I tend to usually stick to fiction stories, but after hearing about Katie Piper's cruel attack I couldn't resist reading her story.  Her strength and courage are inspirational, and the story of how her life was turned upside down is a definite must-read.  This is the most moving, thought-provoking book I've ever read, and I'd recommend it to anyone - even my boyfriend couldn't put it down.

John Green - Paper Towns
I've enjoyed John Green books lately, and Paper Towns is a real page-turner.  It's beautifully written and manages to be funny, serious, gripping and realistic without compromising on emotion.  Although the story is about teenagers, I'd recommend this book to all ages, I can't wait to read more from this author.

David Nicholls - One Day
I have to admit, when I started this book I wasn't convinced.  I was managing to read a few pages here and there during a busy few weeks at uni, and couldn't really connect with the story or the characters.  After about half way, I really started to enjoy the story and once the book was finished, I couldn't stop thinking about the characters.  I love that it's unpredictable, different and really enjoyable to read.

Mark Edwards - The Magpies
I chose this book after a few weeks of watching a stream of thriller/mystery programmes on TV and I was fancying something different to what I usually read.  This is a fast-paced read which was subtly chilling and creepy enough to keep the feeling of dread trickling throughout.

John Grisham - The Confession
My dad is a big fan of John Grisham, and after hearing about some of the stories he'd read, I asked him to recommend me one, and he suggested The Confession.  I never expected to enjoy this as much as I did - I read this book over two years ago and I still find myself thinking about the plot line when I hear about similar events in the real world.  The story revolves around an innocent man on death row in Texas and a reverend, lawyer and the guilty man's attempts to redeem him in the final hours of his life.

Honourable Mentions:
Dan Brown - Digital Fortress
Poppy Dolan - The Bad Boyfriends Bootcamp
Emily Giffin - Something Blue
What are you favourite summer reads? Do you recommend any books ready for my holiday this year (two more days WOOHOO)? I'm thinking more John Green, and more John Grisham!

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  1. Hi Melanie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I thought I would check your out too :) I am following you on bloglovin now :) I love Nicholas Sparks too . Have you read Khaled Hosseinis books? They are great too!