Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beauty Essentials

Essential Beauty Products MAC Estee Lauder Mitchym Blistex Tangle Teaser La Roche Posay Soap and Glory Batiste

Although I have a bit of an emotional connection to all of my make up, there are some items I will forever repurchase because I couldn't stand not having them in my collection - these nine products are little lifesavers and trust me, you need them.
For an oily-skinned, acne prone girl there are four essentials in my collection which I'm pretty sure I'l never part with: a spot treatment that actually works, a primer and powder to keep shine at bay and a high coverage concealer to cover up those blemishes.  I've never tried anything that works as well as La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I'm coming to the end of my third tube and will instantly be repurchasing.  I know it's now available as Duo+, but I've heard that it's every bit as amazing as the original.  MAC's Prep + Prime Skin Refine Zone is the best primer I've found at keeping shine at bay.  It doesn't keep me matte all day long, but it's pretty impressive so this will always be in my stash.  I've used Seventeen's Miracle Matte powder for a good five years now and have repurchased it countless times.  It's cheap, sturdy and gets the job down - how can I complain?  Estee Lauder Double Wear Flawless Wear concealer is quite possibly the love of my life.  It covers all imperfections without creasing, caking or sliding of my face.  Holy grail material? I think so.

Although I have oily skin, some parts of my body are drier than the sahara: my legs and my lips.  To avoid sore chapped lips I always have some Blistex Medplus around my to slather on and rehydrate my smackers.  I just wish it came in a twist-up tube rather than an unhygienic pot.  To moisturise my legs I always reach for the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter.  I have never purchased it myself, I always seem to receive it as a gift every so often, but I love the smell and how quickly it sinks in.

For my hair, the only brush for me is the Tangle Teaser - it makes detangling so much quicker and easier, it's not quite pain free but mych more comfortable when using this.  I'm also a big fan of the Batiste Dry shampoo to help my hair go a little longer between washes, although the white cast is a little annoying, for under a fiver I can't resist.

Lastly, the Mitchum Advances Control roll-on anti-perspirant is without a doubt the most effective I've tried.  It keeps my underarms dry and sweet-smelling all day long regardless of what I'm doing. I can't see me ever swapping to a different brand, this is exactly what I need!

What are your beauty essentials? Are any of them the same as mine?


  1. The tangle teezer is my most essential piece of my life. I love it! xo

    1. how did i cope before i bought it?! normal brushes just don't feel the same any more x

  2. Always love seeing what beauty products people love!