Friday 21 August 2015

MAC Cut A Caper

Say hello to my new favourite summer lip colour.  

I am a coral lip addict, I can't resist buying endless peach and coral toned lipsticks and I've built up quite the collection.  Cut a Caper was on my wishlist for years but it was always so hard to find because it's usually released as part of a limited edition collection, but I finally managed to grab it earlier this year.and I'm so happy I did!

Cut a Caper is a Lustre finish so it's a sheer shade which looks a bit glossy and balmy on the lips, but it's easy to build up to a more opaque colour.  It's really comfortable to wear and doesn't dry out my lips at all.  It's the perfect day-to-day lipstick for when the sun is shining.  I love that it fades really evenly too, and seems to leave a hint of a stain on the lips so you don't need to worry about constant top-ups.

It's quite a bright shade and you definitely couldn't class it as a natural colour, but it's perfect for summer! If I'm fancying a more muted tone I'll dab it over a nude shade with my finger - mixed with Bobbi Brown shell it makes the perfect peachy nude!

This one is a holiday essential of mine, and I'm sure I'm getting loads of use out of it in Marbella right now! (Obviously this is a scheduled post)


  1. Oh my gosh, what a dreamy colour! So pretty <3

  2. What a pretty shade, MAC lipsticks are never disappointing x