Thursday, 18 September 2014

Non-Beauty Favourites

Even though I (usually) do a monthly beauty favourites post, I rarely post about my non-beauty favourites.  These are the things I can't get enough of lately that don't live in my dressing table.

Since the beginning of the summer holidays I haven't put down my Kindle - although I do love turning the pages of a good book, nothing beats the convenience of my Kindle for carrying a whole library around with me!  Any book recommendations please put below - I love trying something new!

Another gadget I can't get enough of is my iPhone 5C.  I has the 4S for three years, so by the end it was pretty slow and battered.  I was gifted the 5C for my birthday back in July and I've hardly put it down! I love the bigger screen, yellow back, panoramic camera and fast interface on my upgrade.

Even though everything's turning digital lately, us teachers still end up with piles of paper everywhere and the only this that keeps me organised is these paper clamps - big enough to hold a full class worth's work without being big or awkward to store, and you can buy cute ones for pretty cheap - I love these Tesco multicoloured bubble ones.

As much as I wish I could carry a few essentials around me and pop them into a little handbag I just cant - I'm a big handbag girl.  I picked this beauty up from River Island in the summer and it's exactly what I need.  The grey super-soft leather goes with everything, there's two straps allowing me to carry it however I like, and it's big enough to fit everything in - perfect!

Lastly - how cute is this knitted graduation owl? It was a present from my Nana back in July and its so adorable! He lives on top of my chest of drawers reminding me of my wonderful family back at home.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Awwww the owl its so cute! I've been loving my drawing notebook. Creative boom? Maybe haha

  2. I love reading books too and being able to turn the page, but I also love reading from my kindle because you can get in any comfortable position and still be able to easily read!:) also, the owl is so cute!x

    1. I love how convenient it is, much easier to carry around than a bulky book! x