Saturday, 28 November 2015

Things to do on a Sunday

Things to do on a sunday flatlay photo magazine glamour kindle zoeva make up brush urban decay eyeshadow

Working full time means you start to really appreciate every second of the weekends.  I like to fit in a mixture of getting out and about and lazing around in my flat.

  • Have a huge lie in  - Sunday mornings are meant for sleeping
  • Pamper yourself - paint your nails, pop a face mask on and relax in a Lush bath
  • Pop to the shops - most people go into town on a Saturday, so Sundays are a bit calmer and quieter
  • Go for a long walk - I'm lucky enough to live close to the coast, so I can easily stroll along the seafront
  • Get ahead - writing to-do lists for the week and organising your diary makes you feel prepared Monday morning
  • Binge watch a Netflix series until it asks if you're still watching - my current pick is Suits
  • Experiment with outrageous makeup following Youtube videos - if you dont have to leave the house, who cares how it turns out?!
  • Wash your makeup brushes and change the bedsheets - okay it's not fun, but you'll be so happy you did it. Trust me.
  • Take blog photos - working full time means I'm only ever home in the dark during the week, so I have to make the most of natural light on the weekend
  • Get lost in a good book - I do try to read every night, but by the time I jump into bed I'm so tired that I barely get to the end of the page before drifting off.  When you have a whole day ahead of you it's much easier to get sucked into the storyline
  • Shop online - all the joys of shopping without the social interaction. Heaven.
  • Go to a market - I am loving wandering around market stalls lately, mainly scouting out delicious food.  There are so many more than I ever expected, and a quick Google search can find all your local ones.
What do you like to do on the weekend?


  1. This is the sort of post I needed! Recently I've felt lost on a Sunday so I've just lazed around doing absolutely nothing - this is such a great post, thank you! xxx

    Tasha |

    1. Ah glad it's what you've been looking for :)

  2. Cute post ! Me too I love pampering, go to food market, watch DVDs etc.