Friday, 29 January 2016

Adorable Valentine's Day Cards

Cute Adorable Funny Valentines Day card best picks

Although Rob and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day in a big way, we do get cards for each other.  For the first few years I spent ages trawling around the shops looking for a card which didn't have a soppy poem written in it.  Now I just look online - there are so many different online shops selling unique, cute and funny cards.  The only hard bit is choosing just one! These are my top Valentine's day card picks for your other half for this year.

Wine, Pizza and Netflix card - £3.24
You're my Significant Otter card - £2.88
You're hot card - £3.24
Personalised it all began with... card - £6.50
You have a pizza my heart card - £3.24
Greatest Adventure card - £2.96
R2 good to me card - £2.95
Pina Colada card - £2.50
Take my breath away card - £2.75
Wrinkly prune card - £3.50
Perfect match card - £4.40
Prosecco card - £2.95
Brie Mine card - £2.00

What's your favourite Valentine's Day card?


  1. so cute.. Selfridges have so many amazing V-day cards, love the UP one, one of the most adorable Pixar films

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  2. I'm so tempted to get my boyfriend that 'you take my breath away' one because I actually have asthma and it makes me laugh so much haha! they're all soooo cute though, like, I want them all agh x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

    1. My boyfriend has asthma, so this is kind of a hint to him too!

  3. These cards are so dang cute! I really like the Up! themed cards. x

    Erin |