Thursday, 12 March 2015

Girl Problems

We all have them - little tiny bumps in the road which make life hard, am I right? Here's just 20 of them, but I'm pretty sure this list is endless.

  1. Being late for every event ever because you were trying to get your eye-liner to match up
  2. Finding the perfect signature scent for you in your endless collection of perfume samples, before realising you'll have to live on the streets to be able to afford it
  3. Shedding more hair than you knew you had
  4. Having the ability to recite the script of Mean Girls, but always forgetting what you went upstairs for
  5. Having a permanently pale patch on your back where you can't reach with fake tan
  6. Judging how your day is going to go by how your eyebrows are looking
  7. Spending half an hour perfecting a messy-on-purpose up-do, then putting your sunglasses on your head - it had better not get any brighter because you aren't getting those suckers off without a pair of scissors
  8. Taking at least 100 selfies before deciding they're all hideous and deleting every last one
  9. Looking at your stuffed full wardrobe but knowing you have nothing to wear
  10. Feeling like you've just done a full arm work-out after drying your hair
  11. Deciding where to travel to purely by the proximity of a Sephora
  12. Wearing sunglasses 25% to protect your eyes from sunlight, 75% to hide under-eye bags
  13. Losing your favourite lipstick, then finding it a month later at the bottom of your handbag, along with another 3 you forgot you had
  14. Fully planning out your wedding using Pinterest even though you don't have an other half
  15. Bobby pins - they disappear!
  16. Wanting desperately to grow your eyebrows out to re-shaped them, but knowing that you can't deal with the inevitable over-grown monobrow look
  17. Doing one work out and wondering why you haven't got rock hard abs and a thigh gap the size of the grand canyon
  18. The fear you feel when you're wearing heels and you have to walk on a cobbled bit of road
  19. Smudging the most complex nail art you've ever done thirty seconds after finishing it
  20. Wearing a playsuit/jumpsuit and needing a wee.  Is it worth the hassle?


  1. This is such a good post, relate to so many of those things aha!
    Rachel Coco

  2. Annnnnnnnd the comment form just ate up my comment :I
    But YES! I'm surprised I'm not bald yet considering how much hair I shed! And not kidding--when I go to the States, I pick my destination depending on how far they are from an Ulta!!

    1. That's exactly how I feel, how can it be normal to lose this much hair?! Forever hoovering x