Tuesday 31 March 2015

Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Brushes

After using old shedding eye make-up brushes for a bit too long I bit the bullet and bought this beautiful little set - how gorgeous are these brushes?! They look almost too cute to use sat on my dressing table, and put some of my other brushes to shame.  I realise all that really matters is how well they apply make-up, but I'm a sucker for a beautiful brush!

Until these brushes started popping up all over the internet, I didn't know much about Zoeva, but I've found out that they are a German brand which has been around since 2008.  They aim to make a difference to how women experience beauty and are dedicated to the self-confidence and unique beauty of women.  In the UK you can get home of them from the Zoeva website, Beauty Bay and Love Makeup.

I bought this set of 12 brushes from the Zoeva site for just under £50 - that works out as less than £4 per brush.  The brushes do their job almost as beautifully as they look.  They apply and blend make-up smoothly.  I did notice that the first time I washed the brushes they splayed a bit, but it doesn't seem to have affected their application.

I do get more use out of some brushes than others - this is my top six (I couldn't get it down to five).  The Brow Line brush (322) is perfect for filling in my eyebrows with a bit of powder - I can't get tnough of Urban Decay Faint at the moment.  The 227 Luxe Soft Definer packs on the colour and blends it out at the same time; perfect for time saving.  The 228 Luxe Crease is a bit big for the crease in my opinion, but it's a beaut for blending out.  The Detail Shader (237) is ideal for popping a bit of  smudgy colour on either lash line.  The Luxe Pencil (230) is my go-to highlighting brush - I use this to put a bit of shimmery shadow in my inner corner, on my brow bone and sometimes on my cupids bow.  Finally the Luxe Petit Crease (231) is a much better size for adding some definition in the crease.

I adore this brush set, and I can't stop looking at a few of the face brushes now, I'm fancying the Luxe Face Finish brush, the Luxe Highlight brush and the Face Shape brush - sorry bank balance!


  1. Sounds like a really lovely set, they certainly look very pretty! Xo

  2. I love the look of these! I need to invest in some new brushes, will definitely look into these :)
    Kirsty x


  3. Oh my, these are so beautiful! I need to get my hands on some of these brushes! The bent liner brush looks really interesting! Whats it like to apply with??

    Beki x