Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

Super oily skin means that primer isn't optional unless I want my make up to slide straight off my face.  After a quick tweet this little tube was recommended a few times, so I bit the bullet and made an order.

The first thing I noticed is that this is an absolute rip off.  For a full-size bottle it's £52?! Who spends that on primer!? Hourglass do make these little £20 bottles, but they're so hard to find, I eventually tracked one down online, but it was a lot of hassle!

The packaging is gorgeous, and looks high end (I did expect it to, considering the price).  There's a little pump to dispense the SPF 15 liquid, which comes out white but soon becomes invisible once applied.  It's a watery consistency and sinks in quickly leaving a matte base.  It doesn't particularly disguise pores or redness even though it claims to "eliminate redness, minimise pore size and soften fine lines", but I was more interested in how long my make up lasts when I'm using it.  

It claims to "keep makeup looking fresh and prevent fading".  While it does prolong the wear of my makeup, the oil does still creep through after about 5 hours and as soon as the oil comes out all claims go out the window - my makeup slides around and looks the oposite of fresh.

Although I sound harsh, I believe if you're looking for something to prolong the wear of your makeup and you don't have super oily skin, this isn't bad - it feels weightless on the skin and it's pleasant to wear, I was just expecting so much more considering the price.  

I'm still on the look out for a primer to keep my oily skin at bay - recommendations welcome!

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