Saturday, 15 August 2015

Southsea Food Festival

During our last weekend in Portsmouth before heading home for the summer the annual Southsea Food Festival was on.  Most weekends there is a little market in Southsea so we weren't expecting it to be too different but we were wrong. It was absolutely huge - the streets of Southsea shopping centre were packed with amazing stalls.

There was tents with coking demonstrations and live music dotted around with people lounging in the sun drinking gin and cocktails and enjoying the delicious food.

We popped down for a walk around on both Saturday and Sunday and over the weekend we ate so much food, most of which I didn't even photograph because we were enjoying ourselves so much but everything was delicious!

There are some other stalls without any food on, mostly pretty flowers and gorgeous things made out of wood, but most of the stalls were delicious goodies to eat.

We loved every second of the food festival and we'll definitely be returning next year - I completely recommend it!


  1. I just love your blog ! Been following for ages now and I always enjoy a good read :D keep it up !!!!

    would love your thoughts on my new video


    ps amazing photo's !!!

  2. The food looks so good! And what a lush, sunny day it was for you too : ) lovely pics xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. it was a gorgeous day, I ended up a bit sunburnt though! thanks sweet x